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One of the Philippines'

fastest rising construction company

With just 3 years in business, JNB Builders has proven itself to be a great player in the industry with the rapid growth of its clientele and diverse projects.

We are a construction company that strongly believes every detail matters no matter how small or big a project is. Our dedication to quality resonates in every space that we have built so far and we are dedicated to delivering respect, accountability, transparency, and top-notch design and build services.


Never-ending development of techniques and skills to make the impossible possible.


Not a cent left unexplained. Our clients get the most out of their budget.


The greatest motivator of perfection.

We respect our customers' trust to build their dream space.

Our Secret to Growth

Our Story

JNB Group of Companies is the brainchild of Josh and Nikki Benson, who at a young age have taken the leap to commit to each other and start a series of brands that will turn concepts into real spaces—and maintain them at their best quality.

Similar to their marriage, JNB seeks to meet clients at a common ground, compromise, and share the love for all things beautiful.

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